How To Spin In Bowling

Bowling is a game where you have to display your skill, patience and control simultaneously. Spinning the ball is one of the most important skills in Bowling. There are two kinds of ball delivery. They are Straight shots and hook shots. Straight shots the basic fundamental shot of bowling where hooks are delivered by the professionals. Well, if you want to upgrade your level as a 10-pin bowler, you have to be skilled in both of this sector.


Straight shots are pretty simple. The ball follows the straight path and reaches the bowling pins. But when you are trying to perform a hook, you have to spin the ball and hit the target. The curve in this shot is the most vital element. Your hook will look like a straight at the first few seconds and will eventually turn and hit the pins.

As I said, the hook shot remain straight at the beginning but you have to imply the spin on its axis so that it can turn and create the curve, which will lead it to the desired target. While it starts rolling, it will look like a straight delivery until it reaches at any edge of the lane. Then it starts tilting and change it direction to the balling pins. If you want to be a master in hook shot , you have to learn the technique of tilt the ball and apply the perfect spin.

How To Spin The Ball?
You cannot learn spinning over a night. It takes patience, dedication and hard effort to achieve the skill.
1. Select The Correct Ball:
Selecting the appropriate ball is very important in this case. Most of the Bowling balls are capable of spinning on its axis. Hook shot is not for every time, it should be applied in specific situations. If you want to deliver a hook to blow up some scattered pin, make sure your ball is a reactive resin or a urethane.


2. Release It Perfectly

Releasing a bowl varies from player to player. Some player slow down a little bit before the foul line while some bowler deliver it in the motion. It is recommended to deliver it in the motion if you want to spin as the momentum will add some extra force to tilt the ball in its axis.


3. Hold Your Grip

Do not rush! Grip the ball properly so that you can release it easily. Make sure that your hand will remain straight in forward and backward motion. Deliver the ball within your motion because your body momentum will transfer to the ball which will be more precise then your arm power.


4. Pivot

It is mandatory to pivot your hand or your wrist just before the delivery. It will allow you a perfect spin. Just imagine you are turning a key in 3 o’clock position and release the ball in your forward motion. That’s all, you ball is going to have a nice perfect curve and hit the target.

The skill will not be developed in a day. Keep practicing the skills and gradually you will be able to spin the ball perfectly.

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