How to Build Your Own CAT TREE for Your Cat

Wish to pamper your pet cats but don’t possess a lot of money? Develop a cat tree! It’s enjoyable, simple and inexpensive too. On top of that, you can even receive a customised cat tree for a small fraction of the purchase price.

Be prepared

Building your own Best Cat Tree not really a difficult task and can be done in just a couple of days if you have the proper resources. The true secret to creating any woodwork project is that you should be well prepared. If you do not start anything in aright way things will obviously go wrong. Prepare a good strategy or plan, and everything from that point will happen in right way for you.
Many individuals may ask why these pet cat enthusiasts develop their own cat trees, and the answer is simple, you can create a unique woodwork, built as per your needs using proper number of posts for scratching, mattresses as well as a small structure that resembles like house in a short period of time and that too at a very low cost. It is not always about saving cash, it is actually more about producing something that fits your property and your feline and also to give yourself an opportunity to do something creative and innovative.

Something which I was worried about when I was developing tree was the materials which I wanted to use. I was thinking there could be a lot of different materials that I would need to gather up and put collectively to be able to create a feline tree. I was really astonished by finding very few materials that I actually needed to build the cat tree. I was surprised by the fact that these materials were actually very affordable to purchase or freely available at home.

A single reason why the materials were so cheap is because I bought good quality materials from somebody who had previously been developing cat trees for a while, and they informed me exactly where to purchase them from at the best price. This was really good for me due to the fact as I did not have the money for each of the cat trees which I was interested in I also did not have the cash to buy these costly materials either.

Get the Right Tools

Exercising how to construct your own cat tree can be a challenge for most, and straightforward for others. Getting the proper equipment is step one. You don’t have to have the most expensive one and all the equipment that a large woodwork shop could have. You can, for example, get the majority of the timber that you may require to develop your very own cat tree, cut according to the size you need at the nearby hardwood backyard, saving you money as well as time.

Build your Cat tree Step-By-Step

After you have created your plan and got your timber cut according to dimensions, you require, you can now commence to put them together. Constructing a cat tree starts off through the ground itself, having a solid bottom which may support the shape and size of the tree. Many individuals who don’t have cat tree plan might ignore this, and find the tree falling more often whenever their cat climbs up a common blunder.

Step 1. Bathe the tree arms and legs simply by using a size of 2 ” or even more inside the large box of pesticide for fourteen days prior to you start your project. Give it some time to dry out, that can take many days. You have to create cat tree step by step.

Step 2. As soon as limbs are dry, choose the tallest region using the greatest diameter. Blend it and after that position the end right into a huge can. Fill the can with gravel. Fill up the can with a wet concrete blend and provide some time to settle. Give it a little angle as it will be a lot more fascinating for your cat.

Step 3. Generate platforms making use of the dowel rods, scrap plywood, and limbs. Make at least a few. Drill slots in the trunk from the plant to place dowel rods. Utilise carpenter’s glue for the gap and to the end of the dowel rod. Screw rods to ensure safety. Be certain the platforms are significant enough to maintain two or more pet cats effortlessly as well.
Step 4. Cover platforms with carpet scraps or braided carpets and simply stick them to platforms. Dangle playthings, feathers, balls as well as other revolving things coming from a thin string.


After doing all this, you surely want to have some good time with your cat and your newly developed cat tree. To produce a cat tree, you only have to follow the above-mentioned methods and your cat will love you for this great gift and affection. To be able to build cat trees, you need to have a certain amount of persistence.


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